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In the global market place, rapidly changing demands on production and delivery schedules have generated increased responsibility on Customs House Brokers to provide expert Customs Services.

ROYAL COMPANY is widely recognized as 1st class customs broker in Egypt. This hard earned and privileged status gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to negotiating difficult consignments and dealing with the inefficiencies of bureaucratic procedures.
Regardless of the speed with which a consignment reaches its destination, badly managed customs handling can result in indefinite delays of shipments within the region.

ROYAL COMPANY customs brokers are comprehensively trained in the languages and unique customs procedures of each specific area of operation. One member of our customs team will take full and complete responsibility to ensure that the correct documentation is prepared well in advance of all import and export deadlines in order to avoid expensive and time consuming delays.

To further strengthen this aspect of our operations, ROYAL COMPANY maintains and manages a network of cargo delivery across Egypt. These facilities, which are suitable for any type of cargo, can be reached by road and ensure that shipments are swiftly cleared at the point of arrival.


  • Export & Import Customs Clearance Facilities & Brokering at All Egyptian Ports
  • Legal Valuation of Merchandise
  • Duty & Tax Assessment
  • Classification of Goods
  • Harmonized System Codes (HS Codes) duties & VAT information providing
  • Documentation Expertise “Export & Import Licenses, Certificates of Origin, EUR 1 …etc.”
  • Maintenance and Tracing of Record
  • Temporary Import/Export Procedures
  • Permanent Import/Export Procedures
  • Inspection Procedure at Uploading Place by Committees of All The Related Authorities
  • Custom Procedure at Uploading Place by a Committee of The Custom Authorities
  • Consultancy Services
  • Warehousing & Storage facilities for Import and Transit Cargoes
  • Letter of Guarantee Service

Call us: +20 100 111 7067 or email us: info@royalcoegypt.com