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ROYAL COMPANY Global network gives us the ability to provide events and exhibitions with comprehensive end-to-end transport solutions, no matter where they are held. Whatever the nature of your event, we provide flexible, reliable event freight forwarding services with expertly trained staff to transport your exhibition cargo. We work with you to gain a real understanding of your event requirements, whether it is temperature-controlled, express or specialized freight services for valuable cargo.


Every event is different, so are the type of the cargos and the required equipment, we offer expert packaging and handling services for valuable, sensitive and perishable event cargo regardless of weight or dimensions to make it a success.


Our skilled team understands the planning, handling and transport requirements associated with events and exhibitions, this enable us to offer you customized solutions for your logistic needs.

ROYAL COMPANY provides a range of transport options for your event cargo, whether travelling by road, rail, sea or air. We will arrange the most efficient mode or multimodal transport solution for your event; ensuring shipments are secure during transit and delivered on time.

Customs Clearance

We have extensive experience handling a range of customs clearance and quarantine requirements for customers around the world. Our brokers have expert knowledge of worldwide customs and quarantine procedures and can handle import and export document processing to prevent delays that could compromise event scheduling.

On-site Handling

Once we deliver your cargo to the event location, our trained personnel will provide safe unloading and positioning of stands and equipment. We have a range of light and heavy machinery available with qualified operators to lift and position oversize and over-dimensional items as required


We have a global network of warehousing facilities available for the storage of event and exhibition materials, including storage solutions for valuable, sensitive and perishable goods.

Whether it is an Exhibition & Show Import or Export shipment, ROYAL COMPANY Collects from your premises and transport according to the shipment requirements as following:

ROYAL COMPANY Customs Services provides:

  • Transport to the warehouse in case weighing of consignments, measuring, labeling and re-packing are required Or loading directly into containers and transport to the port of loading incase shipment is ready to be shipped to its destination
  • Handling of export customs formalities
  • Transport to final destination/venue by air, sea or road freight
  • Issuing the required documents in order to release shipment as a DDU “Duty unpaid” or issuing the all applicable special license
  • Handling of destination import Customs formalities
  • Storage at warehouse if required
  • Delivery to your stand at the venue
  • Custom Procedure at Uploading Place by a Committee of The Custom Authorities
  • Lifting, handling and positioning using specialist lifting equipment
  • Unloading and reloading to and from stand
  • Assistance with unpacking and repacking
  • Collection and storage of empty cases for the duration of the exhibition where possible
  • Return service by air, sea or road freight

Call us: +20 100 111 7067 or email us: info@royalcoegypt.com